As we move into March the Band is putting the finishing touches to the contest music we will be playing at the Scottish Championships which take place in Perth on Sunday 12th. We have been working hard on the music throughout January and February and, apart from our normal practices, we have held a number of sectional practices including extra practice sessions over two weekends. The contest piece is entitled “The Journal of Phileas Fogg” and was written by that doyen of brass band composers, Peter Graham. Phileas Fogg is, of course, the eponymous hero of Jules Verne’s epic novel “Around the World in Eighty Days” and the composer has drawn on various elements of the work to create a musical travelogue. The piece is made up of ten vignettes describing a series of adventures as recorded in the diary of Phileas Fogg and include observing the Can Can in in Paris, being chased by Cossacks in the Steppes, waltzing in Vienna and attending a bullfight in Seville. The range of geographical locations referenced in the music has allowed Peter Graham to create a variety of soundscapes which are both colourful and tuneful. This has made it a very enjoyable piece to practice and play – not something which can be said of many contest pieces! There are four teen bands competing in our Section and unfortunately we have been drawn to play first at 9.30am. This is not is not the ideal position, however we aim to play our very best and hopefully set a standard which the other bands in the Section will find difficult to better.

Do you have a brass instrument lurking in a wardrobe or under the stairs? Have you been loaned one of our instruments and become attached to it although you no longer play? If the answer is yes to either question then now is the time to take advantage of our “Instrument Amnesty”. If you have an unused brass instrument, or one which originally belonged to the Band (and is not in use by a current member) then we would be grateful if you could return it as soon as possible. Please contact us, in confidence, via to arrange a suitable pick up/drop off time and location. You can also drop it off at the band hall between 7.15 and 9.15 on our Monday and Thursday rehearsal nights.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who braved the wintery conditions to attend our coffee morning at the end of January when we raised £412 for Band funds.