By the time you read this article the Senior Band will have just under 2 weeks left before they play at the Scottish Brass Band Championships in Perth Civic Hall on 10th March. This year’s test piece is Stantonbury Festival by Ray Steadman-Allen.  It was originally used as a test piece way back in 1987 and some of us are old enough to remember playing it first time around.  Whilst not overly difficult to play, there are some subtle nuances to watch out for. That said all sections of the Band are fully employed throughout making it enjoyable in rehearsals and hopefully also on stage.

Contesting is an integral part of playing in a brass band but whilst some of us love it, others find it a necessary evil. It is however a tried and tested method of keeping all band members together and playing as one ensemble over the winter months. Fourteen bands in our section will dissect the same 10-minute piece of music for weeks on end to test ourselves against each other and against 2 adjudicators who will mark our performance on the Contest Day. We can only hope that we share the same interpretation of the music as the adjudicators and don’t let nerves stop us from performing up to our rehearsal standard.  No matter the result we will all be better players for the regular practice over the last 2 months. The only downside is that it is an early start leaving Peebles around 7.00 am but we should be finished by 11.00 am to enjoy the rest of the day together in Perth until the results are announced in late afternoon.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our existing and new Patrons for their generous donations to the Band towards our annual running costs. Thanks also to those who are able to Gift Aid their donation. 

A list of our Patrons is displayed on our website If you would like to make a donation to the Band, no matter how small, please phone our Treasurer, Martin Brown on 07942 818529 for details. Alternatively, why not consider joining our “100 Club” which we are launching this month. At a cost of just over £1 a week you will have the opportunity to win one of three monthly cash prizes – namely £100, £75 or £50 – all at great odds, whilst helping the band to supply instruments and music tuition, free to all, no matter their age, ability or experience. Again, please phone Martin for more details on 07942 818529 or email the Band Secretary on

As always, thank you all for your continued support – it is very much appreciated.