Here is a photo of some of our current brass instruments which are nearing the end of their useful life. There is no shame in that they have each given us over 30 years of enjoyment and the ability to introduce countless numbers of youngsters to the joys of music and playing in a group environment – all free of charge.

However, we need to replace these instruments now and we seek your help to raise some £15,000 to achieve this. With new instruments we will be able to progress some of our existing Youth Band members on to larger instruments to broaden our ensemble and also expand the number of youngsters learning to play with us.  Young learners traditionally start on a Cornet which is the smallest and cheapest instrument in a Brass Band – it is also the easiest for them to hold and for their small fingers to depress the values.  Larger instruments help give the Band a richer sound but are considerably more expensive – that said with careful handling they should give us another 30 years of continual use and enjoyment.

With local authority funding being under continual pressure and music tuition being one of the first areas to be curtailed or cut out altogether it is even more vitally important that we, as a Registered Charity, continue to provide music tuition and the use of brass instruments free of charge to all those willing to join us. In doing so we also endeavour to ensure the long-term survival of our Burgh Band – now in its 185th year.

We have applied to the Localities Bid Fund organised by Scottish Borders Council and seek your help by voting for us on their website.  As a resident of Tweeddale, you will have 5 projects/charities which you must nominate and vote for all at the same time – please make sure Peebles Burgh Silver Band is one of your 5 votes.  Voting closes on 7th June.  Alternatively, why not come to the Parish Church on 1st June 2019 to cast your votes.  We will be there between 10am and 2 pm to explain in more detail what we do and why your vote is so important to us.  We need your help and implore you to give us your vote.  Please also ask all your friends, family and neighbours to give us their vote too.

The link to register to vote and for more information is:

If you want more information, please contact us direct by email: or by phone 07800 846763.  Thank you.