At our three Concerts last year we were especially pleased to highlight the playing ability of our young Soloists: Phoebe Hibbert, Sophie Ward-Murray, Rosie McLeman and Josh Middleton.  The girls are all under 17 and along with Josh continue to impress and delight us with their playing.

Our Youth Band under the guidance of the highly experienced David Robb also played well at our Concerts and show great potential for the future. We currently have over 20 youngsters at different stages of development and all improving.

At a time of funding restrictions by Local Councils with music tuition particularly at risk, we pride ourselves in offering brass instruments on loan and music tuition, free of any charge to all, no matter their age or ability.  However, this does come at a cost. We continually fund raise to meet our annual running costs, currently in the region of £14,000 per annum with our largest costs being Conductors Fees and the repair/purchase of instruments particularly for our expanding Youth Band. Some of our youngsters are playing instruments that are well over 25 years old, but we are very grateful for the continued support and generosity of the good folk of Peebles to help us replace these older instruments and thereby show off the talents of our youngsters.

Whilst we failed to receive anything from the Localities Bid Fund last year, we have been delighted and very grateful to receive three significant donations over the past few months. In particular, Mrs Eileen Fletcher has given the Band a donation enabling us to purchase a new Flugelhorn for the Senior Band at a cost of £2,300. Our picture shows Mrs Fletcher handing the flugel over to Band Vice-Chairman, Cliff Balson. The flugel will be played by Sophie and be engraved to record the donation in memory of Mrs Fletcher’s late husband, Geoff.  Sophie’s old instrument will now become available for someone in the Youth Band to play.

The local Fundraising Charity, A Gift for Peebles, has also very kindly donated £1,500 to the Band for the purchase of instruments specifically for our Youth Band. £500 enabled us to purchase a new Student Euphonium (as mentioned in last month’s edition) and the balance will be used to purchase 3 new Student Eb Horns.

We have also been able to purchase 2 new Student Bb Cornets at a cost of £300 following a donation from the Peebles Branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland.  Unfortunately, the Peebles Branch has had to fold but we are very grateful to Chairman Mike Stark and his committee for thinking about us when they divested their funds back to the local community.

These donations will enable us to grow our Youth Band numbers even more – so if you know someone who wants to play an instrument and learn to read music, all free of any charge, please contact our Secretary, David Cornwall for more details – 07976 242433 or

If you would like to make a donation to the Band, no matter how small, to help us continue with our work, please contact our Treasurer, Martin Brown on 07942 818529 or

With many thanks again to all our donors mentioned above and all our other supporters whether at our concerts, coffee mornings or whilst we are playing on the High Street.  Your support is very much appreciated by us all.