The Coronavirus Pandemic continues to affect the Band directly in as much as we have been unable to have any rehearsals at all for our Senior Band and also for our Youth Band.  Hopefully everyone, young and old will still be practicing at home until rehearsals resume hopefully in July, if not earlier.

Some of our members have been playing a different tune on Thursday evenings within our own neighbourhoods to help say thank you to all NHS staff, carers and key workers for all their hard work and commitment. Thank you to them all and also to our performers which included James, Maisie & Jamie, Holly & Marianne, Cliff & Rhona and Ian. (Apologies if I have missed anybody out).

Tunes have ranged from Over the Rainbow, We’ll Meet Again, You’ll Never Walk Alone, You Are My Sunshine and Happy Birthday (for Captain Tom).  Please have a look on the Band’s Facebook page for some “live” performances –

Band Members have also recently been recording music for an upcoming Music Festival in Bad Schlema, Germany which hopefully will still be able to take place on the 18th to 20th September.  Please follow the link on our Facebook page and see how many players you can recognise from Peebles. 

The tune is “Steigermarsch”, which we have played on Peebles High Street from time to time.  It is the Bad Schlema equivalent of the Beltane Song and this rendition has been played by members of the various Bands due to play in the Festival – they come from all over Europe including Poland, Italy, Austria, Germany, England and of course Peebles Burgh Silver Band with help from Tweedvale Pipe Band representing Scotland.

If the Festival goes ahead, this will be our third appearance in Bad Schlema, playing 4 separate concerts and 2 marching engagements over the weekend.  This is a tremendous experience for any player, playing in front of an audience of between 2,000 and 3,000.  Please keep your fingers crossed that we are able to go.  The organisers kindly provide accommodation and meals/drinks with our Band Members only responsible for paying for their own flight tickets.

Hopefully we will all be back playing on Peebles High Street sometime soon – see you then.