New Beginners Welcome

The Silver Band continues to be “closed down” to all group activity for the foreseeable future. Whilst we can still play our instrument at home or in an occasional group as during Beltane Week it is not the same as playing together as a Band.  There is just something different in being part of a team and producing something greater than the sum of its parts. 

Most of us joined the Silver Band at an early age (generally 10 and upwards) and when we learnt to play an instrument, we picked up a number of important life skills and observations along the way, including the following:

  • Learning to play an instrument doesn’t happen overnight. Many musicians dedicate years to mastering or trying to master their instrument. Every day is a school day. Finding satisfaction in the process of continual learning is enjoyable.
  • Music takes a lot of time to settle into our brains and our hands but once it “clicks” it is something we can enjoy for the rest of your life. We also learn to count – not least how many beats there are in the bar.
  • Learning to play an instrument can be frustrating, both physically and mentally. It can be easy to want to give up. However the perseverance we learn through playing music, especially with others, can be incredibly rewarding.
  • Music isn’t always easy. We may have difficulty interpreting the music, executing a difficult technical passage, or reaching a high note but help is readily at hand from fellow musicians in the Band. The age range and experience within the Band is incredible.
  • Playing music is a wonderful way to express ourselves creatively. The way we approach and interpret music is unique to us. It helps mould us into individual and creative thinkers.
  • Music requires us to make many split-second decisions over and over. It forces us to think quickly on your toes. We can, over time, become very quick at reacting to small mistakes, surprises in the music, and the unexpected.
  • Playing music over and over again to perfect the smallest details is a wonderful way to cultivate patience. It’s tempting to want to gloss over all of the little mistakes, but when we spend time mastering the details, we see the best results.
  • Music is a fantastic way to communicate with others. Not only do we have to learn to communicate about our music, but we also learn to communicate through music.
  • Playing within a Band or ensemble is more challenging but infinitely more satisfying and enjoyable than playing on our own.
  • Being a musician teaches us how to take on many responsibilities, wear several hats, and perform under pressure. We don’t want to let the team down.
  • Many musicians discover that practicing music can be very therapeutic.

Perhaps you, your children or your grandchildren would like to acquire some of these skills too. If so, please be in touch – email:  Use of an instrument and music tuition continue to be provided free of any charge. We look forward to welcoming any and all beginners to the Band Hall whenever it is deemed safe to do so.