Peebles Life – April 2022

Blow the Fanfare – We’re Back !

Peebles Burgh Silver Band and our youth section, Peebles Burgh Youth Band are not just back in Peebles Life but also back contesting recently in the Scottish Brass Band Championships in Perth Civic Hall.

Whilst our rehearsals have been off and on sporadically throughout the last 2 years due to the Covid regulations and fears our “blowing” would spread the virus throughout the band exponentially, we have been able to hold almost normal rehearsals since the start of 2022 – normal in this context is defined as sitting a metre apart from each other, with windows and doors wide open and a gale howling up the School Brae!

We are pleased that some 12/14 members of our Youth Band were able to continue regular one to one “Online” lessons via Microsoft Teams throughout the lockdown periods over the past 2 years – under the guidance of our professional tutor, David Robb and some of our Senior Band Members.  This has enabled the youngsters to continue to progress with no less than 6 of their number joining the Senior Band on stage in Perth on 13th March 2022 – our photo shows James, Holly, Ellie, Lucy, Owen and Alec along with 2 of our senior members, Ian Aitchison & Ian Swanston, proudly showing off their “50 Year” medals.

Unfortunately, at the Contest, we were only placed 5th in our Section out of eight bands but certainly did not disgrace ourselves.  Even the adjudicators admitted that playing on such a large stage at least one metre distance from everyone else, when it is difficult to hear anyone else but yourself playing, is a very scary experience. I can testify to that! The good news is all our youngsters carried it off with great aplomb – thank you and well done all. Special mention must however go to Alec who played at least 4 different percussion instruments throughout our performance without missing a beat.

Here is a link to our performance.

Whilst we didn’t play on stage as well as we rehearsed, we are far from downhearted. The make-up of the band has changed considerably since our last contest in Perth in 2020 – we had 10 changes overall with 4 lost to university and others retired or unavailable (plus some positional changes to help the balance of the band). The good news was we were able to introduce replacements direct from our Youth Band.  The even better news is that we have a pipeline of other youngsters waiting to step up into the Senior Band in the near future.  To keep that pipeline going, do you know anyone who would like to join our Youth Band?  We can provide an instrument on loan and music tuition all free of any charge whatsoever. If so, please contact our Band secretary, David Cornwall on 07976 242433, email to or speak to any band member.

We are very pleased to confirm that David Robb, who is a full time music teacher with East Lothian Schools, is now conducting both the Senior and Youth Bands. This makes it easier to promote our youngsters into the Senior Band as and when they are ready for their next stage of development.

We have still not re-started our quarterly Coffee Mornings to raise funds towards the running costs of both bands, but we do aim to play on Peebles High Street on Saturday 16th April, (10.30 am – 12 noon) weather permitting.  Please come along and support us then if you can.